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Memorial Boards

Our Memorial Boards are a way of remembering loved ones and keeping them in our minds when we are in the sanctuary, particularly during the month in which a yahrzeit falls and at the four times a year we say yizkor.  The current Memorial Boards, designed by our members, were installed over a period of years, first in the old sanctuary and then in the new sanctuary.  Our current Memorial Boards are now filled to capacity and are plagued by a number of issues that detract from the sanctity of their purpose. 

After investigating the possibility of retrofitting our current Memorial Boards with new technology, we found that wasn’t a viable solution. We concluded that the best option would be to replace totally the current Memorial Boards, with new plaques for those already memorialized on our current boards and with increased capacity for our needs well into the future. We identified potential vendors and decided to work with W&E Baum, a company with three generations of experience providing memorial plaques to synagogues.

The design we have chosen maintains much of the look of our current Memorial Boards, with 5 wooden panels across the side walls of the sanctuary, incorporating the stained glass and carved wood artwork from our existing plaque boards interspersed in an array of individual plaques.  This project will double our plaque capacity in the same wall space we use now.  

A congregational meeting about this project will take place on Tuesday, March 24 following minyan at 7:00pm.

Here is the proposed design of the replacement memorial boards:

Proposed Memorial Board Design