Temple Emunah's General Endowment is a permanent, unrestricted endowment fund. The income from the endowment helps enable us to:


● Secure programs and services

● Maintain the Synagogue

● Allow strategic introduction of new programs

● Keep dues at reasonable levels and continue offering assistance to those in need




B'Emunah: Eternal Excellence Endowment Campaign

As has every generation that preceded us, we are committed to passing on our heritage to future generations and to sustaining our magnificent congregation. As we celebrate our history and recognize the many contributions that our founders and others who came before us have made to establish and build Temple Emunah, it is likewise our responsibility to look ahead to our future and focus on the growing and complex needs of our members.

Our community is thriving, vibrant and healthy. As we are blessed with new members, we find growth at both ends of our demographics. As many of our veteran members age, many of our new members are under the age of fifty. These shifts challenge us to find a stable revenue source to meet the needs of all our members, to enable us to match our congregants' continuing enthusiasm for more services and programs and to empower our rabbis who are eager to do more and to reach out to those in need.

We are not alone in facing this challenge. As many not-for-profit organizations across the country have concluded, endowment is the best, if not the only way for us to meet our needs today and to secure the Temple's future for generations to come. Our endowment will provide a perpetual source of income for the congregation while reducing the ever growing pressure on dues.

Our endowment campaign in ongoing. We have achieved nearly 60% of our initial five million dollar goal. We are working hard to reach that goal – and to surpass it. Our success requires that all Temple Emunah families and friends participate in this historic and meaningful campaign. Your donation will ensure our synagogue thrives long into the future. This is a job that only we can do!

There are two forms of giving: cash and deferred (or "Legacy Gifts"). Cash gifts can be paid over a period of years. All commitments at any level to the campaign will be recognized in perpetuity and there are opportunities for named dedications of programs and facilities.

Legacy Gifts are being accepted with an array of vehicles to facilitate a win-win situation between the donor, the Internal Revenue Service, and Temple Emunah. The campaign encourages commitments as simple as a bequest and as sophisticated as a Charitable Gift Annuity (an option that allows you to maintain a source of income from your gift).

Cash and Legacy Gifts will be recognized in our permanent recognition - a beautiful plaque in the upper lobby. All donations are tax deductible.

To donate or learn more about the Temple Emunah Endowment Campaign:

Please call Rabbi David Lerner or David Ezekiel at the synagogue office at 781-861-0300