Refugee Shabbat & Special Services

When we read parashat Lekh Lekha, we see God tell Abram: "Go forth from your native land and from your father's house to the land that I will show you;" and we are reminded that Jews have a history of wandering and being strangers in their lands. On Saturday, October 20 we join many other congregations to stand with HIAS (Hebrew Immigration Aid Society) and dedicate this Shabbat weekend to refugees.

We hope this Shabbat will help us deepen our understanding of today’s global refugee crisis, connect Judaism with the cause of refugees, and commit to taking action. We will hear from Guest speaker Susan Cohen, Temple Emunah member who is a nationally recognized immigration lawyer and Chair of Immigration Practice at Mintz, a successful law firm founded in Boston 85 years ago. She will describe the experiences of refugees her firm has helped over the years, and discuss ways we can become involved in this issue.

There will also be representatives from the following organizations here with tables at kiddush to answer questions and provide information: The PAIR (Political Asylum / Immigration Representation) Project, Open Avenues Foundation, RIM (Refugee Immigration Ministry), and Together & Free.

ALSO this day: We will be having all of our youth services (Junior Congregation, Mini Minyan, and Tot Shabbat) which will come together in the aula at 11:45 for a Ruah Rally. There is also a Minyan Katan Service in the Wolk Family Chapel, which will end in time to hear our speaker in the Main Sanctuary. FLYER HERE.