Memoirs of a Hidden Child: Jews in Greece

Sara Cohen has always been interested in arts & culture, particularly the stories of her own Jewish relatives from Athens, Greece. As a child born after the war to parents who survived the roundup of all the Jews of Greece, she recalls a "normal" childhood in the diminished Greek Jewish community of Athens. Only 5,000 thousand Jews remained in all of Greece after the loss of more that 65,000 in Auschwitz. Those who returned tried to pick up new lives, and those who had gone into hiding tried to reclaim their lost homes, and for most that was a difficult path. Sara’s parents, who had been hidden by righteous Christians, did not meet and marry until after the war.

Come hear this fascinating story of the Jews of Greece during the Holocaust, and hear first-hand what it was like for Sara to grow up in the post-Holocaust Jewish Greek community in Athens, as well as her eventual immigration to the Boston area. After attending the Boston School system and securing a scholarship to Northeastern University, Sara began a 32 year career of teaching Art in the Boston Public Schools. Her passion for photography and recording personal stories led her to creating documentaries. Now producing a bimonthly program, "What's Your Story" for Newtv, Sara has a format for presenting her documentaries on Art, Culture, & Stories of interest. This breakfast and speaker, on Sunday, March 24, 9:45 AM, is sponsored by the Sisterhood. Cost is $8 / person. Please RSVP to Janet Goldberg. FLYER