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TD Bank Affinity Program

We are now members of TD Bank's Affinity Program in which TD Bank will contribute annually to Temple Emunah. In order for us to be eligible for a contribution, 50 accounts have to be signed up with Emunah's Affinity code which is A3616. TD computes its contribution based on .5% of your checking account balance and 0.25% on your savings, money market, CD and IRA balances. This has NO effect on your earnings. And there is NO cost to you or Emunah.

You can link an existing account to the program or open a new one. Simply call or go to a branch and ask that your account be part of the affinity program and use affinity code A3616.  Emunah is not eligible for a contribution until we meet the minimum level of linked accounts, so act soon! Click HERE for more details.

The program is not limited to our members, so tell friends and family who want to support Temple Emunah to sign up their accounts as well - no matter where they are located! It's easy!

Temple Emunah will be given a lump sum, and won't receive any information about individual accounts. We also won't know who is participating. You can only sign up one account per household, so please sign up using the one with the highest balance.

Just think if you have $2000 in a checking account that means Temple Emunah will get $10 and if every member had $2000 that would add up to over $5000 for Temple Emunah while we all slept at night, and if you have more than $2000, then we get even more - the numbers will add up. So please, let's try to make money for Temple Emunah while we sleep.

Thank you for your consideration.