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Campaign for a Stronger & Sustainable Emunah

As you know, the Campaign for a Stronger and Sustainable Emunah is now in full swing. This effort to address our facility needs, eliminate our debt, and build our endowment will sustain Temple Emunah for this generation and those to come.

We now move on to the phase of the campaign where we make this campaign yours. Our dear friends, Deanna & Sid Wolk, have challenged us to make financial support of our congregation a value every family in our community honors. To this end, the Wolks will contribute $250,000 once we receive 300 pledges! Of course, we are never ones to shy from a challenge and plan to engage 100% of our community. We have gotten to this point in the Campaign by sitting with friends and neighbors and talking about what Emunah means to us all. The challenge before us now is to widen this circle of conversation and commitment.

As we move forward, please be receptive to speaking or gathering with volunteer congregants on a more personal level about why they have decided to support the campaign. Make no mistake; this goal will indeed be a challenge. As a point of reference, in Temple Emunah’s last major campaign for the endowment, we had 175 participants. Getting to 300 pledges requires that everyone step up and donate what they believe to be a meaningful contribution. Please note that, with the Wolks’ generosity, each of the remaining 220 donations gets a $1,000 boost in value. We will push hard to make our goal this spring, yet expect the work to continue until the High Holy Days.

pledge card image

Here are some potential next steps for you:

  • Give some thought to your level of support for the Campaign.
  • Call the Campaign co-chairs, Lois Bruss (617/872- 1037) or Alan Sherman (781/863-5227), to discuss your participation.
  • Learn more about the Campaign and participate at upcoming gatherings at Temple Emunah.
  • Volunteer to host or co-host a Campaign gathering at your home.
  • Respond if someone calls you about a pledge or invites you to a Campaign event

Wishing you warmth and us all success,

David Landis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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