Kindergarten through Seventh Program Faculty

GAN (Kindergarten)
Sharon Zirkin-Dagan

Sharon Zirkin Dagan

Sharon is a speech and language pathologist by education. She lived in Israel for seven years where she taught children with Special Needs. Sharon has been on faculty since 2014. She has worked in education for over thirty years. Sharon has a passion for Israel and Judaism. She is also an artist.

GAN (Kindergarten)
Orit Zirulnikov

 Orit Zirulnikov.jpg

KITAH ALEF (1st Grade)
Avital Skolnick

 Avital Skolnick

Avital is originally from Israel, where she lived both in the city and on a kibbutz. It was on the kibbutz where she started teaching. She came to the United States with her family in 1990. This is Avital's third year on the Temple Emunah faculty. She is excited to continue sharing her love for Hebrew, Judaism and Israel with the Temple Emunah community.

KITAH BET (2nd Grade)
Iris Rozenberg

 Iris Rozenberg

This is Iris Rozenberg's sixth year teaching at Temple Emunah's  Religious School. Iris comes to us with 18 years of experience, teaching English, Hebrew and Judaic studies in both Israel and the States. Iris, originally from Israel, is very happy to be a part of the faculty, which includes her daughter who works as a madrikha. She and her family have resided in Lexington for the past 11 years.

KITAH GIMEL (3rd Grade)
Irit Hamami

Irit Hamami

Irit is a veteran teacher with more than 21 years of experience in the classroom. 14 of these years have been spent teaching different grades at Temple Emunah. Irit loves to teach and her students find their way into Ivrit (Hebrew) and tefila (prayer). It is such a thrill for her to see how her student’s grow and blossom over the course a year and become confident Hebrew readers and they lead Friday Services at their "Siyum Hasefer".

KITAH DALET (4th Grade)
Tova Weinronk

 Tova Weinronk

Tova is one of Temple Emunah’s Synagogue Educators. Among the various roles she fills at Emunah are advisor to Kadima, coordinator of Mini Minyan, and teacher for grades 4 and 5. Tova is no stranger to Emunah. She started out in the Billy Dalwin Preschool and graduated from Temple Emunah’s Religious School and Prozdor. Tova spent many summers as a camper at Camp Yavneh. In high school she also participated in TELEM, served as a Diller Fellow and attended BIMA. Tova graduated from UMass Amherst. Tova also teaches in the Billy Dalwin Preschool.

Tova Weinronk (Wednesdays)

See Kitah Dalet!

KITAH VAV (6th Grade)


KITAH ZAYIN (7th Grade)
Rabbi David Lerner (Sundays)

A graduate of Columbia College and ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary where he was a Wexner Graduate Fellow, David Lerner has served as the rabbi of Temple Emunah of Lexington for the last eleven years. He brings a unique blend of warmth, outreach, energetic teaching, intellectual rigor and caring for all ages.

Scott McCauslin (Wednesdays)

Scott has been part of Temple Emunah's religious school for a number of years, serving in a variety of capacities. He has taught seventh grade for a few years. Scot received his BSEd from the University of Maine. He taught High School Mathematics and Computer Science for ten years. In addition to teaching, Scott works in our administration office.

Me'ir Sherer (Sundays and Wednesdays)

As Temple Emunah's Director of Congregational Learning, Me'ir Sherer directs our Religious School and Youth Programs, and works with our rabbis and staff on synagogue programs. Me'ir holds a Master's degree in Jewish Education from Hebrew College and another in Social Work from Boston University. He received B.A.s from Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary, List College. Me'ir also completed the Melton Senior Educators Program at Hebrew University and holds a Certificate in Jewish Family Education from Hebrew College.

Prior to assuming the position of Director of Congregational Learning at Temple Emunah, Me'ir served as the Director of Congregational Learning at Or Atid in Wayland and Congregation Beth Israel in Worcester, respectively. Me'ir has also served on the faculty of Prozdor, the secondary school division of Hebrew College in Newton

ROSH SHIRA  (Song Instuctor)
Aaron Tornberg



ROSH RIKUD  (Israeli Folk Dance Instructor)
Kfir Mizrahi

Kfir Mizrahi