Religious School

Under the guidance of Director of Congregational Learning, Me'ir Sherer, Temple Emunah provides educational opportunities for children and teens of the synagogue.

Temple Emunah hosts a kindergarten through twelfth grade Religious School for children and teens attending secular school. Children in Gan (kindergarten) through Kitah Zayin (seventh grade) attend our Kindergarten through Seventh Grade program. Children in Kitah Het (eighth grade) through Kitah Yud Bet (twelfth grade) continue with us and attend YAD (Y’mei Dalet), our Wednesday night program, Prozdor, which meets on Sundays, or a combination of the two.

The focus of our programs is on the whole Jewish child and/or teen, preparing him/her to be an engaged participant in Jewish life. To this end, we provide opportunities to: learn Hebrew, which will be used to participate in and lead services; learn Jewish Culture, including Israeli Folk Dancing, Jewish and Israeli Song, to study Jewish history, to learn about and engage with the modern State of Israel, and to learn about and celebrate Jewish holidays.

Temple Emunah's Religious School strives to create a nurturing atmosphere where children, teens and their families deepen their commitment to Jewish learning and living. Through rich experiences in formal and informal settings our students will develop confident Jewish identities and build a foundation for life-long learning and dedication to the Jewish community locally, in Israel and around the world.


Packaging Mishloah Manot for Family Table Kitah Dalet


Religious School Schedule
Grade Sundays Weekdays
K-2 9:00-12:00 N/A
3-4 9:00-12:00 Tuesday 3:40-5:40
5-6 9:00-12:00 Wednesday 3:40-5:40
7 9:00-11:00 Wednesday 6:00-8:15




Wednesday 6:00-8:15


There are also many opportuities for children and teens of our community, who attend Jewish day school, to engage alongside our children and teens attending our congregational schools. We run minyanim for children in kindergarten through twelfth grade: Minyan l'Noar (kindergarten through fifth grade) and Teen Minyan (seventh through twelfth grade). Mini-Minyan and Junior Cong are usually followed by K.N.I.S.H. There are Shul-Ins for children in grades three and four, and children in grades five and six, and our Religious School Retreat for children in grades 4 through 7.


3rd and 4th Grade Shul In                                                      


All children in kindergarten through sixth grade are encouraged to take Temple Emunah's Communal Jewish Experience challenge. Children in grades three through twelve also invited to participate in any of the programs of TEY (Temple Emunah Youth).



Me'ir Sherer, Director of Congregational Learning
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Seth Maislin, Vice President of Education
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